Novel, 2019 – 2021

The novel "Alexandria" concentrates on the theme of the imaginary greatness of man. The novel’s two-part structure tells in its first part the story of Sasha, a girl from the small Siberian town of Berdsk, who has a complicated platonic feeling for the wife of a priest belonging to a nationalist religious sect; the other part is a description of a fantasy world in which the planet is ruled by Emperor Alexander of Alexandria, world capital of a theocratic Christian state, as if the nationalist-religious "dream" had been realized. The real and fantasy worlds are to some extent extensions of each other, and the inevitable death of the characters crowns each chapter, connecting the parts also on a formal basis.

This fragment of the novel "Alexandria" was published in 2023 in the ROAR magazine: number six. Resistance and Opposition Arts Review. Full Russian-language version of the title "Bulletin of anti-war and opposition culture".

The link below is for the full issue of the magazine.

A fragment of the novel and the author’s preface — page 691.

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