Movie, 2023

The teaser for the unproduced film "Alphabet" represents one of the scenes of that film. The future film is supposed to be a multiscreen narrative about a young man rethinking his life and putting it together piece by piece, like the letters of the alphabet (hence the title). Building a coherent narrative out of the chaos of his own life is the film’s main metasubject. Through "Alphabet," I want to use my own biography to tell the story of the last generation born into the Soviet Union. Without claiming to be unique in what has happened to me, I want to use my own experience to show how difficult it is to let go of the values instilled in you since childhood when you have to face a reality that is beyond your control. The Soviet Union is not just a state that left behind broken fates, it is also a system of views, an idealistic view of the world, transmitted through the literature of adolescence. A person brought up on the wreckage of this giant empire carries the explosive charge of this great country in his mind, forgetting that it no longer exists and that one must live somehow differently, leaving the past behind and not clinging to it.

Director: Andrei Stadnikov

Camera operator: Artem Zamashnoy

Set designer: Vanya Bowden

Lighting: Evgeny Baranov

Producers: Sasha Sarana, Elena Stepanicheva

Premiere: expected