Are you leaving? Leave!

Kibbutz - Center for Art, Education and Culture e.V., Berlin, 2023

This play, which premiered in Berlin in 2023, is primarily about the emigration from the USSR of the poet Alexander Galich. The play of my authorship consists of two parts. The first tells of the last hours before the departure of the poet and his wife from the Soviet Union. This part is crowned by a radio announcement of Galich’s death in Paris. The second act is a collage reproduction of various (primarily critical) statements about Russia by Russian philosophers, writers and poets, uttered by the performers in verse, as something tiresome and unimportant, but existing and in need of attention. The play concludes with the opening of the curtains, which hide the inscriptions on the windows, quotes from Alexander Galich’s song " Are you leaving? Leave!"

Director: Igor Titov, Andrei Stadnikov
Playwright: Andrey Stadnikov
Set designer: Vanya Bowden
Light design, sound design: Yuri Galkin

Assistant Director, Executive Producer: Ilya Kuznetsov

Designer: Ivan Shemyakin

Photographer, video: Margarita Baghdasaryan

Legal support: Vladimir Kobzev

Producer: Svetlana Dolya

Premiere: April 5, 2023

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