The triumph

The Meyerhold Theatre Centre, 2021

This play, produced in the space of the Vs. Meyerhold, was devoted to the relationship between the natural and the human in society: beginning with a choreographic composition based on the text and speech intonations of the Soviet cartoon "Mowgli," the performance continued with a vocal and speech collage of poems, folk songs and tunes, and then was crowned by a fragment from Michel Houellebecq’s novel "Map and Territory," about the utopian figure of the architect father, who in his practice unsuccessfully tried to contrast urban architecture with the idea of a building as a symbiosis of man and nature.

Director: Andrei Stadnikov
Set designer: Vanya Bowden

Costumes: Shifra Kazhdan

Lighting designer: Anton Astakhov

Choreographer: Ira Ga

Producers: Second Action Company, Daria Werner and Evgenia Petrovskaya

Premiere: September 2, 2021

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