In girum imus nocte et consumimur igni

V-A-C Foundation, 2019
This performance, commissioned by the V-A-C Foundation, took place in one of the halls of Moscow’s municipal libraries. It involved nonprofessional artists, residents of the Krylatskoe neighborhood who live near the library. Defining the genre of this spectacle as a "musical," I invited the participants to sing quotations from texts by the French Situationist philosopher Guy Debord, as well as their own stories about their neighborhood. Together, these lyrics, shading one another, formed a bizarre combination of meanings. The "apartment" lined up in the library hall and the set of daily activities performed by the participants formed a counterpoint to the content of the texts they sang.
Director: Andrei Stadnikov
Set designer: Shifra Kazhdan

Composer: Dmitry Vlasik

Premiere: June 28, 2019

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