Man of Cariot

Labor Theatre, 2022

"The Man from Kariot" is a journey of impressions through the space of the Boyar Chambers. Taking Leonid Andreev's story Judas Iscariot as the starting point, the production team remained true to "a completely free fantasy on the theme of good and evil."

The creation of the play and its life are absolutely evolutionary in nature. Each participant, at any moment of joining the performance, brings to it a part of himself, his experience, knowledge, interests and ideals. Each show becomes different from the previous one, and each new artist finds new facets of existence and interaction. Having the beginning and the end point of the story, all the artists, together with the audience, go through this path anew each time, filling it with impressions, thoughts and experiences that are relevant at the time of the show.

Such a multi-layered nature was incorporated into the project by the variety of sources on which we relied in our research: these are not only Andreev's story, but also the texts of Selma Lagerlöf, Merab Mamardashvili, Gilles Deleuze and many others. We explore oscillations between positions with diametrically opposed ideas through the nativity scene, documentary theatre, musical performance, holography and the circus.

Director, playwright: Andrei Stadnikov
Set designer, director: Pavel Semchenko
Composer: Vladimir Volkov
Choreographer: Vladimir Varnava
Set designer: Anis Kronidova
Light design: Lena Perelman

Producer: Alyona Laz'ko

Premiere: February 25, 2022

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