Permanent vacation

Moscow Pushkin Drama Theatre, 2015

This is a documentary performance in the currently relevant genre of verbatim, created with twenty-year-old students of the Moscow Art Theater School (course of Evgeny Pisarev). During the year they talked with people of different ages, professions, religions, countries of residence and searched for their heroes — those who are in a state of search: jobs, partners, goals, their place in the world … These people are caught not at a particular moment, but seen through time: while observing him, someone managed to leave the country, someone returned, for someone, on the contrary, nothing has changed.

This is an attempt to look at the world and at ourselves through the stories of other people. Like the characters in Jim Jarmusch’s film of the same name, they try to answer the questions: Who are we? Are we needed here? What will happen next? What is my attitude towards this country? The heroes of the play travel in search of a better life from Thailand to India, from one educational institution to another, change jobs and partners, sometimes quoting the film with their stories: "It's just that I’m such a person. I don’t need a job, a house, or taxes… Let’s call me a special type of tourist. I am a tourist whose vacation lasts without end …

Director: Andrei Stadnikov

Set designer: Valery Chtak

Composer: Dmitry Vlasik

Choreographer: Sonya Levin

Light: Petr Dontsov

Premiere: December 12, 2015

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