The Right to Rest

"Praktika" Theatre, 2019

"This is a dedication to a poet who had the courage to become popular" - Dmitry Brusnikin.

There is a meeting of the Union of Writers of the USSR on the issue of creativity of Alexander Galich, in which Valentin Kataev, Agniya Barto, Alexei Arbuzov and other literary figures participate. Creativity and turn "not there" Galich are severely criticized. Everything, as you know, ended with the expulsion of Galich from the union of writers, but spectators as participants in the meeting can "correct" the story and Galich cannot be excluded…

After the end of the performance and solely by the "decision" of the audience, a concert can take place.

Playwright: Andrei Stadnikov

Directed by: Sergei Karaban, Igor Titov

Set designer: Daria Ufimtseva

Composer: Dmitry Shugaikin

Lighting designer: Nikita Chernousov

Assistant director: Margarita Baghdasaryan

Producers: Elena Kamenskaya, Maria Sinitsyna

Project curator: Marina Brusnikina

Premiere: February 12, 2019

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