The Nation

Theatre "Masterskaya Brusnikina", 2015
The play "The Nation," based on the traces of the railroad journey from Moscow to Vladivostok and back, stretched the seventy-meter length of the Moscow Museum hangar, installing the audience in a kind of track of actors, pieces of furniture, objects, and props. The actors spoke into a microphone mounted on a toy train, which traveled from point to point, stopping at each performer. The play with scale (big-small) and distance (far, far away) placed the viewer in the atmosphere of Russian timelessness, forcing them to listen to the documentary texts spoken from a distance, collected by the actors themselves during the journey.

Director: Andrei Stadnikov

Scenography: Katya Konovalova

Costumes: Vanya Bowden

Music: Dmitry Vlasik

Premiere: December 12, 2015

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