The Seagull – II

The Moscow Electrotheatre, 2016

Three directors put on one play by Chekhov —the one the one whose plot is connected with the fate of the young artist. Yuri Muravitsky, Kirill Vytoptov and Yuri Kvyatkovsky —directors from different schools, but of the same generation —compose each of their own "The Seagull" with the artists of the Electrotheatre.

Four acts of the play from the phrase "Why do you always wear black?" to the words "Konstantin Gavrilovich shot himself …" are divided into three performances: three views, three ways of deconstructing the text, three versions of events.

At Yuri Muravitsky — a fashion show where each of the heroes wears their lines like a dress; by Yuri Kvyatkovsky — actor’s improvisation, in which the spoken text is unprogrammed, and the duration of the scenes depends on the energy and personal desire of the artist; in the version of Kirill Vytoptov, the characters of the play meet their today’s counterparts —heroes of pop culture of the 20th century —and it happens in a night bar. Each of the directors plays with each friend of Treplev — the image of a young experimenter, through whose today’s eyes we see what is happening. The common for all three of them is the podium, which has been turned into the space of the Main Stage and the manifested desire of the contemporary artist to enter into a dialogue with the main piece of the Russian repertoire.

Playwright: Andrei Stadnikov

Director: Yuri Kvyatkovsky

Set designer: Nana Abdrashitova

Composer: Dmitry Vlasik

Lighting designer: Evgeny Vinogradov

Choreographer: Vitaly Borovik

Premiere: January 23, 2016

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